(Study Abroad)^2

I would like to study abroad because I think studying abroad is an ultimate experience. I am already studying abroad as I am an international student from India and studying in United States has been an amazing experience. That is why the title of my blog is (Study Abroad)^2, to be read as study abroad squared!

I think it is a great opportunity to further explore the world and explore the education system of another country. By interacting with people there, I would be able to know how companies look for recruits, what they look in an employee, in short explore the job scenario of that country. The biggest advantage of knowing all this information is that you feel like you have a grip over certain part of the world in terms of work policies, ethics and needs of different employers in one’s field. My major is mechanical engineering which is studied around the world and mechanical engineers are needed in almost every country, so this program might help me in knowing how mechanical engineers work in that country.

Other than that I like to travel, experience different cultures and taste different food. I have travelled before to some countries as a kid with my parents and I guess from that I got the idea that travelling is a wonderful thing, it can change your thought process sometimes as one experiences another culture and ideas of the people of different countries. This time it is my opportunity to travel on my own and explore. Also who doesn’t like to make friends and that too from different countries? This is a good chance for me to make connections in different countries, at least the ones which I visit. United Kingdom being closer to other European countries would make it easier for me to travel to those countries as well.

Now comes the question of why I would like to be a social media intern? Social media internship would help me develop my communication and presentation skills. I never had any internship of any sort before, so this internship would provide me a chance to experience what it is like to do an internship, have some real responsibilities. This internship will help me bring out the best possible of my study abroad period and record it as well in the form of a blog. Also this internship maximises the benefits of the study abroad program I am in, helping me to achieve another internship in the future with real companies as I will be able to show that I had multiple advantages of study abroad program such as this internship and I was able to make use of them.



A lake in Madison, Wisconsin.


A shot of Campanile at Iowa State University.


Boston skyline.





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