The Beginning of (study abroad)^2 ……

I would like to add to the reason why I call my study abroad experience in University of Birmingham as (study abroad)^2 is that I am studying mechanical engineering and sometimes like to relate things scientifically or mathematically, hence the squared in study abroad. Haha.

So I am glad that my adventure began on a festival- Christmas day. Although the whole day went in the journey from Des Moines airport to Chicago O’Hare to JFK in New York to Manchester international airport. Why Manchester and not Birmingham? I am lucky you could say in that case,  I have family in Manchester, Haha. My aunt and her family lives in a village called High Legh nearby Manchester. That’s why I decided to go a little before the actual start date of the semester in Birmingham, so that I could visit my aunt and see Manchester. Well why 25th? Simple got the cheapest flight tickets on 25th, sometimes you have to give up celebrating a festival over such things, unfortunately, at least in my case. But oh well, what followed after that made up for everything.

I saw the museum of science and industry, University of Manchester and Manchester city centre in Manchester (note: they call downtown of a city as city centre, so I will be using that to refer downtown throughout my blog, come on I am in U.K., I can’t stop myself from using the lingo used here, it’s cool in it’s way, I’ll come on the accent later)  and Lion salt works factory and Anderton boat lift near High Legh.

Anderton boat lift is one of it’s kind lift or elevator which brings the boats from Trent and Mersey canal to the river Weaver flowing below and vice versa. It was built in 1875, was in use till 1983, but got closed in 1983 for restoration, and opened again in 2002.

Lion Salt works factory, located in Marston, Cheshire, England is the last open pan salt works. It was founded in 1894 and was closed in 1986. There was a  guide who gave a very informative tour which lasted more than an hour.

Next I finally moved to Birmingham on the 4th of January. I am just a few days short of completing a month in Birmingham. There’s a lot to tell about the campus, studies, the city and the nearby places I have travelled, so I will try to cover up as much as possible in my next blog post. Yes , for the people who believe in visuals rather than words , I will not forget to add pictures!

Here are the pictures, I guess the most exciting parts of the post:

In Manchester city center…


Museum of Science and Industry


Anderton boat lift
Lion salt works…
“The nodding donkey” , workers used to call it, used for pumping up oil from below the ground.

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