Exploring Cambridge and Birmingham 

I got a chance to visit Cambridge two weeks ago and have been exploring Birmingham for two months now so I’ll just summarise how much ever Birmingham I have seen so far.

I went with a group of friends consisting of four people from Germany and one from Canada. We saw the world famous, almost 800 years after old Cambridge university colleges. Tourists can only visit three colleges here, King’s college, Trintity college and St. John’s college. We also did a small boat ride, in small boats called punters there. Explored the small but nice looking market. Here are the pictures:img_1963img_1979

King’s college and Chapel of King’s college:


I was amazed by the overall designs inside the Chapel, especially the design of the arches.



St. John’s college:


Although I don’t prefer to post my pictures online too much, but here I have a reason, I think even in Cambridge, I was somehow representing Iowa State, like literally, I mean look at my jacket….


Trinity college:


Stephen Hawking did his graduate studies from Trinity college & great Indian mathematician Ramanujan did some of his research here.
Library of Trinity college

We also did a small tour on one of the punts and although I found it expensive (10 pounds) for twenty minutes, I think one must do the tour, it is worth it. On the punt:


Mathematical bridge

Let’s come out of the small town and move on to the biggest cities of U.K. and my current home, Birmingham. I would say first of all, the cities in U.K. are classy types, that is there are not many high rising buildings but there are beautiful and old buildings made in the classic European style of architecture. Also most of the times markets & shops are close enough to walk, to get whatever you want to buy.There are local trains also running in Birmingham. They call ‘downtown’ as the ‘city centre’ here.

So I haven’t explored Birmingham fully, still lots left to see, I will keep posting in future posts whatever I see in Birmingham. I went with different friends to see different places in the city.

That’s Ikon gallery. I went with Remy, an exchange student from France, his friend who was visiting him from France and Babis from Greece, an intern under the exchange program to see this gallery and just walk around canals and the city centre. Remy taught some French words, I try to learn from him every time I meet him. Same with Babis, he knows Greek. I would say this exchange program here in Birmingham is a heaven for anyone who wants to try to interact with people who speak different European languages

Ikon Gallery: Famous showing contemporary art galleries
Contemporary art like this..no idea what it represents…
or even this… no idea what it represents…basically a jet engine


The famous library of Birmingham
City hall
In front of the museum & art gallery of Birmingham
Bullring, a big shoppping complex in Birmingham
From extreme left -Remy, then his friend, then Babis.

The next weekend I went to see the Museum of art and gallery with Rebekah and Babis. Remember I wrote I was going to talk about the friend who introduced me to Salsa society – it is Rebekah. No I am not spelling her name wrong, it is how she does it.  Rebekah is from London studying Spanish ( her phone’s language is set on Spanish-dedicated) and Italian in University of Birmingham. I try to learn about different British customs and mannerisms from her, British phrases and copy her British accent, and also joke with her on the great British complex problem of whether tea goes in the cup first or the milk. Actually that just gave me an idea for my next blog post. I should definitely talk about British customs, phrases and other typical British things in my next blog post!

Cool statue inside the museum
Played an ancient eastern European game in the Museum
With Rebekah and Babis.
The sky was this beautiful Birmingham that Sunday.



I will come up typical British things, my experience of watching my first professional football (soccer for my American friends) match in a stadium , and Birmingham food….yummy!

Please comment and feel free to ask any questions about my experience in U.K.

Cheers till then!







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