A visit to Shakespeare’s village: Stratford-upon-Avon

The next weekend after my trip to Cardiff and Liverpool, I got a chance to go to Stratford-upon-Avon, Shakespeare’s birthplace. I went with a friend I made here from Canada, her name is Ally. We took a bus to Stratford. As soon as we got off we headed straight towards Shakespeare’s home, where he was born and lived when he was a child.

Stratford-upon-Avon railway station
Shakespeare’s house!
Garden inside the house.
One of the bedrooms inside the house.



Next we went towards the house of Shakespeare’s wife, where the things owned by Shakespeare, such as his desk, bed, chair, etc. were kept along with information on to whom did the things go after he died, according to his will.

House of Shakespeare’s wife


Next we saw the church where Shakespeare was buried. The person who was selling the tickets for entry said the part of the church where Shakespeare was buried is still maintained the way it looked during that time. Exciting, isn’t it?


The Church where Shakespeare is buried


After that came the house of Shakespeare where he actually lived and wrote all his great plays. But unfortunately the house doesn’t survive anymore, there is a garden with statues pointing towards the famous scenes and characters from his play.

Shakespeare’s house, where he wrote his plays


Moving on we went to the house of his daughter. Here are some pictures:


We ended the trip by going to a pub called The Garrick, to grab some food before we boarded our bus back to Birmingham. It claimed to be the oldest pub in town.


While walking in town, I felt that the town was very peaceful and calm. One should definitely visit this town if looking for something quiet and full of remarkable history.





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