Food, Museums and beautiful Birmingham


My first thoughts of Birmingham as a city were- upcoming city with a huge industrious past which supported it to reach where it is today as a city. Birmingham is different from the famous European cities, first of all it is cheaper and has that industrious vibe but there are places which are almost magical, especially at night. I had read about the city even before choosing to study here as an exchange student, but when I was discussing with my friends at Iowa state about going there, and even people out of Iowa state a lot of them had not heard about it, surprisingly it is the second largest city in U.K., London being the largest. Which proves that it is truly an upcoming city.

Birmingham like every big city in the world offers variety of cuisines. From Japanese to American, Indian to Brazilian and Peruvian and even African restaurants can be found at the city center. But Birmingham is most famous for its Indian cuisine, particularly the ‘balti curry’. Even though it is Indian but I had never tried it in India, at least my city doesn’t serve it at all. There’s a whole street dedicated to Balti curry serving restaurants and there is another street serving Indian street food.




Thanks to my Greek friend Babis, I tried Greek food for the first time, which was great, I’ll go for it again.



Some societies of at University of Birmingham also offer interesting cooking events. I attended the pizza making and Tiramisu event at the Italian society of the university with friends, it was so much fun!



Birmingham has some interesting collection of museums like the jewelry museum, pen museum and even a coffin museum. I went to the jewelry museum when my aunt, uncle and their daughter, my cousin visited me on a Sunday. I visited Pen museum with my friend Rounan from China. These musuems depict the great industrious history of the city and the how was the life of workers in the factories. It is important to note that Birmingham at its peak of pen business in early 1900s supplied ninety percent of the world’s pen demand. Pen’s supplied to Queen Victoria’s office went from this very city. There is another interesting fact that University of Birmingham was started as a ———————college by the pen industrialist ——————————– in which went on to become University of Birmingham. I also had a chance to make my own pen nib at the pen museum!



Also I tried Nando’s with Rounan after seeing the pen museum. It is a British chain. They serve mainly chicken there with the famous “peri-peri’ sauce. It was really good but I think it is a bit overpriced. They say here “cheeky Nando’s” if they spontaneously decide to go to Nando’s for a meal.

[pic of nando food]

Now the magical part of the city. There are two actually. Brindley place and the mailbox. Near the mailbox there are so many small bars, lit up by attractive lightings in the night, some playing live music, all besides the canals, it makes you forget all your troubles until you are there. I have been to these places with friends a few times. One of the best experiences of Birmingham for me. The pictures describe themselves better.




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