Exams are coming….

I am afraid the upcoming blog entries including this one are going to be shorter than my previous blog entries and won’t have much detail about anything else other than the description of the atmosphere of the university right now-which is tense, as exams are just two weeks away. Everyone including me (yes I am surprised too, well exams can make you do anything hahaha) are keeping their heads into books and studying. Most of my day is spent in the library. Sometimes I study in a group, but mostly by myself. The exciting part since I came back from Scotland has been the delivery of the Easter cake, which was sent by my aunt in Manchester. Also Miriam, my language buddy gave me an Easter chocolate egg, when we met. This has been the Easter for me. I had never received anything on Easter before as Easter is not celebrated by Hindus (my family and hence me follow Hinduism). But I had seen my friends in India and US who do celebrate Easter get the cakes and chocolate egg, feeling jealous.

Guild of students is offering students on campus loads of free food like ice-cream or snacks like chips, etc., juice or other soft drinks to boost the morale of the students studying hard for exams. They also have some small stress buster games in the Guild of students building. Salsa society continues to have Salsa sessions on Monday. Those are nice stress busters as well. I better get down to studying…



Until next time!…



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