In the middle of the exams!

I am halfway through the exams completed three out of five and the Film studies class paper as well. It is the first time I wrote a paper on a film. It was an exciting an interesting process. You get to watch movies for writing a paper! I had chosen to write on the film Chungking Express, a Hong Kong film. Another exchange student from Iowa State and my friend, Logan was also in this film class. We have supported each other morally throughout the time we were writing our papers, haha, we made sure each one of us completes the papers on time and submits them. Also if we had doubts or questions on writing the paper we made sure we asked the professor and left no query unanswered. Some good exam spirit, eh?

Some people have already finished their exams. Some of my friends actually finished on the first day of the exam period, it was because they just had to write papers and submit them on the first day. They are free now. Lucky them!

I finish on the 22nd of May, I plan to go for a proper dinner with my friends. One last time to properly hangout and have a good laugh on all the things we did and shared over the past few months. Time flies by really, the day has come too close when I leave Birmingham, sadly. It has been just a few months of living in Birmingham within the exchange program now but I can easily call this my home. I guess the hardest part of exchange program is yet to come – leaving Birmingham and all the friends I made here.

Guild of students is continuing to provide free food stuff on around the campus during the week, encouraging students who are studying hard for the exams. Salsa society on Monday takes place as usual and acts as a big stress buster. Stress buster reminds me my aunt from Manchester sent me a pack of ripe mangoes. Yeah, I know I am lucky hahaha! Better  get back to studying.


Until next time!



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